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XXI "Message to Man" International Documentary, Short and Animated Film Festival

XXI "Message to Man" International Documentary, Short and Animated Film Festival

September 23-30, 2011 in St. Petersburg,Russia

“Message to Man” is the only international documentary, short and animated film festival in Russia and in the countries of former Soviet Union that is officially registered by the International Federation of Film Producers Association in Paris (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films – FIAPF).

“Message to Man” was founded to emphasize the important role of non-feature films in cultural life of the country and allow national documentary filmmakers become more familiar with the world of international cinema. However, with years, the goals of the Festival had broadened and as a result, short fiction and animated films were added to the competition program. This year the Festival also makes a new step toward experimental films.

Every year the Festival presents over 50 Russian premieres and more than 300 films from around the world are screened in competition and special programs. On average the Festival receives over 3000 films for selection each year. These films become accessible to every participant and guest of the Festival through the Festival’s video-library.

The name of the Festival «Message to Man» also became its mission. It refers to the Bible and reflects the essence of the Festival’s purpose: Faith, Hope, Love, Grace, Compassion – eternal human values that we always need in life as well as in films.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg City Government and Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg.

To enter your film for competition, you need to read the Festival’s regulations first and then complete the online entry form. After you complete the entry form, you will receive a copy of it in MS Word(doc) format, which you would have to print out, sign and enclose along with your film to be shipped to the Festival.

Your entry will be assigned a unique number, which will allow you to check the status of your submission on Festival’s website.

The postmark deadline for entries is July 1st, 2011.

Zgłoszenia na festiwal: link

Gorąco zachęcam do zgłaszania swoich filmów, tym bardziej, że będę tam w jury.